Antarctic Trilogy

An extraordinary black comedy, Heat is an original love story between a woman, a man and a penguin.

Heat explores the interface between science and
the arts; by creating an installation of an Antarctic
hut in a performance space. It is a world first
completely off-the-grid, sustainably powered
production within theatre venues, using only the
renewable sources of solar and wind energy. The
play Heat, commissioned by Circa Theatre, had
its world premiere at BATS Theatre as a STAB
commission in 2008.

Ice Floe Productions completed a national tour
of Heat to: The Fuel Festival, Hamilton, The Edge,
Auckland, and the Otago Festival of the Arts,
Dunedin and the Nelson Arts Festival, Nelson.
Heat performed a four week return season at
Circa Theatre, Wellington in 2011.

Heat was nominated for two Chapman Tripp
Awards in 2008, winning the coveted Actor of
the Year for the role of Bob the penguin.

In 1985 the world awoke to the discovery
of the ozone hole over Antarctica.
STELLA, a NZ scientist, JOHN (Ioane),

a US Marine from American Samoa
and BONNY, a Greenpeace activist
meet during one Antarctic summer.
What unfolds will be dark, funny and
as monumental as the discovery of the
ozone hole itself.

Antarctica, sometime in the mid 1980’s
… It’s a time of big hair, big make-up and
ice-cold wine coolers. Its Wild West days
at McMurdo Station and Scott Base on the
Ross Island, Ross Dependency.
It had been little more than a decade since
the US Navy had lifted a ban on women
travelling to Antarctica (1969) and Pamela
Young from Nelson had become the first
Kiwi woman to work on the ice.
Meanwhile Greenpeace, rallying since 1979
to create the first ‘World Park’ in Antarctica,
is protesting the commercial exploitation
of oil and mineral deposits under the ice by
prospecting governments and companies.

Something happened to the world after
the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
indeed, after intensified nuclear
technology testing from 1955 to 1963.

HEART is set in Antarctica around 1957/8
in the lead-up to the Trans Antarctic
Expedition, and up to the early sixties after
intensified nuclear testing made it possible
for the first time in history, to mark with
carbon dating tests the tissue of every
living creature on earth.
HEART will explore the emotional and
physical terrain of some of the New
Zealanders living on the ice during the
1950’s, coming out of the Heroic era of
exploration over a century ago.
The first ice core samples were being
taken, research recognised that bubbles
trapped in deep ice cores recorded
atmospheric composition from millennium
past. Research linked CO2 and global
temperature, and ultimately rising CO2
levels caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
Alongside environmental, in today’s current
climate where gender inequality is being
challenged by the #MeToo and #TimesUp
movements, HEART would also challenge
the status quo with an all-male story being
performed by an all-female cast.

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